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North-American-SharksSharks & Rays of North America

by Mike Heithaus (Author), Dawn Navarro Ericson (Author, Illustrator), Dominique Navarro (Editor)

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Sharks & Rays of North America coalesce science, literature and vivid imagery to inspire a deeper connection with nature. A compilation of natural history Illustrations, photos, maps & diagrams provide current and reliable information. Condensed text is written by Dr. Michael Heithaus, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University. Natural History Illustrations by Dawn N. Ericson and edited by Dominique Navarro. The four panel fold-out design, opens to 8.5 inches with a length of 22 inches. Each nature guide can remain flat for compact storage or folded into a free standing booklet. Designed especially for the active traveler, each nature guide has quick-read text along with rich visual illustrations, including diagrams, photos and maps. To endure regular outdoor use they are laminated for water resistance.

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